Tendrils of new growth symbolise hope and strength. Fragile and delicate, yet incredibly strong willed to have germinated from planted seeds that have pushed through the Earth seeking the sunlight and oxygen that will allow them to grow.

This is how we are feeling. Hope is in the air and with it comes the excitement of new frontiers, and the wonder of possibilities. What can we imagine?

Delicate florals connect with this hope; considered palettes provide formulas that allow for individual expression; and textured coordinates provide foundation, giving solidity to the collection.

Innovation is discovered in new fabrications, and the status quo is challenged by re-imagining favourites that must justify their presence. We feel comforted by sameness and energised by newness. We’ve channelled these concepts and motivated ourselves to push boundaries and shift paradigms.

The trend for volume continues, with sleeves and hemlines all getting attention creating carefree, playful, easy, and comfortable silhouettes. Frills and ruffles that paused for a heartbeat are back interspersed with inserted braids, laces, and ladder trims. Collared shirts are still strong with versatile styling and volume is present here too, in shorter full sleeves or at the cuff. The feminine and playful theme continues with ginghams, tie dyes and vintage florals, water colours, stripes and borders. Florals are Jacobean, tropical, ethnic, ditsy, or oversized. Watch out for shorts suits, reversible bombers, and the introduction of a Luxe T-shirt capsule in silk and silk/cotton jersey. 

For our colour palettes Spring growth is reflected in the fresh greens of avocado, loden, and sage, and earth tones of brick, copper, and paprika are freshened with crisp white and soft denim and sky blues. Rouge, blush, and gold tones signal that it’s time to start thinking about Summer with the enticement of warmer, longer days on their way. 

The resulting feeling is one of contentment. Confidence radiates and the past dissolves. We are uplifted as we celebrate what we have created. The new chapter in our story – Botanica.