A love for life.  This season’s inspiration holds true to the core of Loobie’s Story philosophy.  To use our creativity to enhance our living, surrounding ourselves with the things we love and that make us feel good.  Softness of fibre, style and grace, enduring design, considered sustainability; comforting and pleasing to the eye.

A collection designed with an awareness that we are in a new place in time and very mindful of what has become important to us now.

The challenge to attain this criteria has resulted in a collection that is filled with the most selective, beautiful and exclusive prints, luxury-to-touch knitwear, soft, elegant and feminine styling for a mixture of moods and occasions.

Feel good concepts of harmony, serenity, goodwill – an emotional journey of inward contemplation – channeling what makes us feel fabulous, with an acknowledgement that our lives may be a little quieter, perhaps more contemplative.  Prints named accordingly – Serenity, Eden, Grace, Utopia – idyllic places or senses of well-being. 

Colours are rich and empowering, chosen and combined together to heighten the senses creating an underlying femininity at all times…. chocolate, cedar, redwood, burnt toffee, quartz pink, blush and paprika. Moss, cumin, nectarine, blue horizon and ginger with ombre colours of amethyst, denim and peacock; and staples of china blue, bone and indigo.

Together we have risen

With love, The Loobie’s Design Team xx